About NLC Express

Our Story

NLC Express started in 2006 as a business venture driven by one man’s passion: to create and grow his own successful logistics company providing a second-to-none level quality of service to businesses in the local area.

From these humble beginnings up until the present day, not only have these objectives been realised but they continue to be managed today with that same original passion in the form of a family business.

Over the years we have grown in size, providing a wider range of vehicles, catering to more industries and we are preparing for this trend to continue.

Over the years there have been many changes in the transport industry and business communications but one thing remains important today as it always has, and it’s to provide the high quality of service demanded in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our Mission – in a Nutshell

It’s our continuing mission to provide our clients with the best possible service at all times. Our speciality is solving a clients’ Same Day logistical needs without a fuss. We collect promptly and deliver direct.

We simply deliver our client’s promises, on time, everytime, that’s what we do!

Area Coverage

We have a particular focus in and around the Beds, Bucks & Herts counties. Collections within and surrounding the Luton / Dunstable area are usually made within 30 minutes. We can reach almost all UK & Ireland destinations on the same day.

Our Valued Clients

We proudly serve a steadily growing base of loyal clients in wide range of industries. We transport steel pressings, aircraft-on-ground spares, samples, production tooling, vehicle components, pharmaceuticals, medical goods… and much more … as wrapped pallets/ enclosed crates to open-topped boxes/ loose articles, even refrigerated cargo. We also make office, home and student moves.

Some of our clients consider it more cost-effective for them not to run & maintain their own vehicle(s) because they make few deliveries, or they have a seasonal business operating at set times of the year.

Some clients allocate their workload overflow to us, or give their own delivery driver time off. Even other courier companies utilise us too!

Whatever the circumstances are we’re every bit as proud to deliver each and every one of our client’s promises, on time & every time.

Doing What We Do Best

The bulk of our work is supplying Same Day transportation demand, sometimes at short notice. Had a pallet been missed off loading that last dispatch? Your urgent production run now ready to go out? A spare part urgently needed to repair a pump? We deal with these demands on a day-to-day basis. We’re proud to be just a phone call away ready for when our clients need us most.

Our past wealth of transportation experience and flexible approach means we can tailor our service accordingly to suit each of our client’s different needs. Fragile consignment? Refrigerated cargo? Just ask us! Whether it’s Pallets, an Engine or an Envelope … we have the means, transported safely and securely by our own experienced drivers.

How We Do It

Before we collect a consignment we will have agreed the price first. Many of our clients place their orders with us over the phone with a single phone call. We also make extensive use of e-mail and SMS according to our clients’ demands.

Once booked (unless agreed otherwise) our driver collects immediately and transports the consignment straight to the destination. There’s no transfers between depots or vehicles, no third parties or networks of any kind involved. Our driver and vehicle will handle your consignment from start to finish until your promise is delivered and proof of delivery (POD) is collected from the consignee.

All of our vehicles are GPS-tracked to ensure we know where your consignment is at all times while on route. We also use our own fleet of vehicles exclusively and maintain them in-house.

Outstanding Service Promise

We think we know why our clients use us time and time again, it’s because when they deal with us we make a positive difference for them in their business. We are serious about providing an outstanding service and we don’t forget how important it is to go that extra mile for our clients, sometimes literally.

Whether it’s urgent, fragile goods or subject to time constraints, with our friendly and experienced staff, efficient organisation and well maintained vehicles we strive to make your logistical needs our number one priority.

With conviction we assure you and every one of our clients; NLC Express is the partner you can trust with confidence to supply your Same Day Courier & Express Delivery requirements.

Client Confidentiality Assured

We have a clear policy concerning this. We do not make use of, sell or communicate your private information outside of our company. You can check out our Privacy Policy here.