We use information you supply to fulfil your order, whether this is services, goods, or any other business activities you've contracted us to do. We don't and have no intention to utilise your information for any other purpose other than the above. This also means of course we won't sell, barter, trade, or any allow any other form of transfer of your information to a third party, who would most likely use it for generating sales leads, targeting of advertising or other marketing purposes. We even go as far to say we don't, nor do we have any intention to use your information even for our own marketing use such as unsolicited contacting of you (or to any other contact details you'd supplied us) to offer goods or services.


'Opt-In' for GDPR May 2018 compliance?

You have likely seen some companies demanding an 'opt-in' in order to continue using their services. Because the information you supply to us already forms part of the contractual obligations established with us and your info isn't used for anything else, means there is nothing else that we would need ask your consent for. [legal basis: EU Regulation 2016/679 Article 6(1) b & f] We do not require you to 'Opt-in' or register on an online consent form or the like. Our 'Services' don't include us saying: "Based on the order you've just placed with us, you may also be interested in buying....." or include retaining your information for future unsolicited marketing.


How we obtain information from you

Your communications with us take place through e-mail text and their attachments, our company website contact forms (i.e. Contact Us), SMS messaging, and any other medium you contact us with`such as Whatsapp or other online messaging service. Also verbal communication including via telephone and voicemail. Fax. Printed and hand written documentation.


Contents of Information

Your company name, address, personal contact details, including phone /fax number, e-mail address. Financial data, including bank account numbers.

Collection/delivery addresses and their contact details, times and dates. Billing information and purchase history. Credit and debit card data handling and protection are managed through the PCI DSS Compliance Programme regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.


Storage of Information

Hard disk drives and paper document storage both located within back office. Paper documentation within vehicles (such as a Delivery Note). E-mail server and contact us webform provided by UK-based internet hosting. Internet-connected mobile devices such as Android and iPhone, having cloud-based data backup.


Retention of Information

Your information is retained in the best interests of fulfilling your orders, present time and future. The actual amount of information we retain will vary, for instance there may be a delivery /collection at an annual event. We will delete information we believe no longer necessary to do best fulfil your orders, and of course delete any information you request us to delete.


Internet Cookies

We’re obliged under EU law to inform you this website uses Cookies. We don’t place a message covering up your view of every page with a ‘click here to agree’. Our website works fine without cookies enabled. As you can see from our website we’re not selling advertising space, we’ve no interest in tracking people, nor selling your click history nor anything else connected with online marketing.

Electronic Mail (e-mail) Tracking

We sometimes use a form of tracking for emails we send. This tells us 1. if the e-mail has been opened and 2. if any links contained in the e-mail have been clicked.

The mechanism we use to effect this tracking is a URL embedded in the email. If your mail client is enabled to display images, viewing the e-mail will download a single pixel image from our domain using a long URL commencing:     

We only use this mechanism for our own communication audit purposes. We do not sell this information to a third party.

Anti-Spoofing (electronic mail)
To protect our clients from spoofing and the unauthorised use of our domain we have specified an active DMARC policy (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), in addition to asserting SPF (Sender Policy Framework) e-mail send authorisation. To ensure the integrity of our e-mail's content we utilise DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) message signing.   

Internet Transmission Security

Internal processes and safeguards within our own controlled environment are in place to protect against your information being altered, lost, stolen, or utilised for anything other than for fulfilling orders you place with us. However, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that no data sent through the Internet or telephone network can ever be 100% secure and as such it's not possible to 100% guarantee security of information passing through the Internet / telephone network.



Issue 21 May 2020